Deal with your earthly nature. Colossians 3: 5-11


Before the Colossians were raised with Christ from spiritual death to life their earthly nature ruled their lives so that their hearts and minds were set upon earthly things. The implication of the writer reminding them of how they once lived their lives was in order to point out to them that they were not to continue in this lifestyle. If you are a Christian then you cannot live they way you did before you were rescued from your sins and made a child of God.



As a result of them being controlled by their earthly nature they pursued after indulging in the sensual pleasures of sex. Now that they had come to know Christ they were to put to death their old nature which meant that they had to deal radically with their sexual desires by killing them off so that they were not controlled by them. It was necessary for them to put a stop to living in sexual sin in order to avoid God’s wrath falling upon them because He was not pleased with them making it into an idol that they had worshipped.  The words ‘the wrath of God is coming’ were a warning to them that if they persisted in allowing their old nature to have its own way they would be judged by Him. God alone must be worshipped by you therefore you must destroy anything that takes His place in your life because it is an idol.



As a result of them being controlled by their earthly nature they expressed themselves in uncontrolled emotional outbursts and used bad language in their speaking. When they became Christians the Colossians were instructed by Paul to get rid of these practices and habits which meant that they were to cease from showing anger, rage, malice and slander and refrain from allowing filthy language to come from their lips. They were therefore responsible to take off their earthly nature with all of its wrong practices so that their inner feelings did not get the better of them and explode nor were they to engage their tongues in speaking harmful words. As a child of God you must make every effort to avoid not having control over your emotions and speaking because it is not the way you ought to conduct yourself.



In putting to death the old nature and clothing themselves with Jesus the Colossians were instructed by Paul to make Him the centre of their lives. The words ‘Christ is all and is in all’ meant that He was to be in complete control of their lives and live His life in and through them. Is Jesus the very centre of your life so that you are focussed upon loving, obeying, following and serving Him only? In making Jesus the head of their lives the Colossians would also have a changed relationship with others who were also Christians so that they would not look down upon or see any difference between those who were ‘Greek, Jew, circumcised, uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free’.

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