Develop your relationships. Colossians 3:17 – 4:1


Paul’s instruction to the Colossians was to teach them that whatever they did was to be done in the name of Jesus and in doing so they would live to honour God. This meant that they were to take to heart the words he spoke to them in verse 11 that Christ was to be all and in all in their lives meaning that He was to be the centre of attraction in their lives. Are you living in such a way that you will not leave Jesus out of what you do and is it your motivation to bring glory to God?


AT HOME (3:18-21)

Paul pointed out to his readers that this way of living was to be practised in their homes. Wives were required to submit to their husbands because this was what God commanded them to do. This meant that they were to live under their husband’s authority just as they would as Christians live under the Lordship of Jesus. Husbands were required to love their wives and not mistreat them in any way. The love that the husband was to have for his wife was to be like the love that Jesus has for His children whom He came to save from sin. In the home children were required to obey their parents because in doing so they would please God which was to demonstrate to them that they mattered to Him therefore they were responsible to do as He commanded. Parents in turn were not to make their children’s lives a difficult experience but rather they were to train them up in the knowledge and will of God so that they would grow up to be godly. Are you as a wife, husband and child conducting yourself as God requires you to do in your relationships?


AT WORK (3:22-24 & 4:1)

Paul directed the attention of his readers to their relationships between each other as masters and slaves in order to point out to them that they also needed to abide by the principle of pleasing God in the way that they behaved towards each other. Although they were masters and slaves they were fellow believers in the Church therefore they were not to view each other as inferior or superior because in the house of God there was to be no discrimination. The slaves were to work as if they were serving Jesus as their boss and in doing so they would please their masters not just when they were being watched but especially when they were not present. The masters were required to be fair and just in the way that they treated their slaves because they were accountable to God for their actions towards them. Are you conducting yourself properly in the workplace as an employee and an employer?



Paul warned his readers that to fail to conduct themselves in the home and the workplace as God directed them would have serious consequences. A possible scenario that may occur is that wives may try to usurp their husband’s authority and husbands would become like tyrants making excessive demands on their wives. Their messed up relationship would result in their children being abused and as a result they will rebel against them. In the workplace the employee will go on strike, work slow, be lazy and waste time if the employer mistreats him or her. It is therefore necessary to avoid wrong living for God’s glory.

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