Develop your spiritual life. Colossians 3:12-17


Paul reminded the Colossians that they were to put to death and get rid of the sins that plagued their earthly nature because they were His chosen people. It was out of His love for them that they were selected to be members of His family therefore as a result His design for their lives were to make them holy. If you have been raised with Christ then it is because of God’s love that has called you to Himself therefore you need to live a life that is holy which means that you must put off sin and put on the nature of Jesus.



Paul told his readers that as God’s chosen, dearly loved and holy people they were to put aside their earthly emotions of anger, rage, malice and slander and put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience which was the new nature that they had been given. The evidence of them living in this way was that they were to bear with the faults of one another and be willing to forgive each other just as Jesus forgave them of their sins against Him. Instead of them holding a grievance against each other they were to show love for one another because it would act like cement that would bind them close to each other so that they would be willing and ready to overlook their wrongs that had been done. As a Christian the nature of Jesus must dominate your life so that you will demonstrate His love in you by forgiving those who sin against you.



In order for the Colossians to live in this way it was essential that the Word of God lived in their lives which meant that their hearts and minds were overflowing with the truth so that they would gain wisdom to know and understand its message. The consequences of the Word of God dwelling within them was that they would experience the peach of Christ which meant that they would know the reality of the presence of Jesus who is the Prince of Peace controlling and guiding their lives. The evidence of the Word of God being stored up in their lives and the peace of Christ filling them was that they would use the truth to teach each other and correct one another in love with spirit of forgiveness forgiveness. They would also engage themselves in giving praise to God with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Does the Word of God live in you and are you using it to edify others and worship God?



The Colossians were commanded by Paul that they were to do everything in the name of Jesus so that their lifestyle would please God. Your responsibility as a child of God is to put Jesus first and live to honour Him.

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